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  1. Hi Alec, Great video. I learned that in order for human to be biologically immortal, we have to treat cancer first. But if we do treat cancer, is there other obstacles that prevent human from being biological immortal?

    p.s. At 1:46: you shouldn’t say that “in the previous biology unit, you learned…” because I believe this video is for everyone and not only Talons.
    p.s.s I would love to see your face in the video.

    • Thanks, Francisco. To answer your question. Yes, there would still be obstacles in the way of biological immortality if cancer was cured. Firstly, cancer is the only health issue we’ve seen so far. If we actually tried making someone biologically immortal there could be unforseen health risks. Also, there are non-scientific obstacles involving politics and money. For example, some governments could outlaw it. Some religions would be against making people immortal.

      Lastly, regarding the lack of my face in the video. The video I made had a copyrighted TED logo and couldn’t be used.

  2. Nice job and interesting topic, my question is if we were to eventually become biologically immortal in your opinion would it actually be beneficial to mankind, or just something for the rich causing to more issues with over population that is already a concern?

  3. That is very smart, acknowledging the difference between avoiding death by aging and avoiding death by other means. I think that it is a very interesting and potentially controversial topics that you presented very well with objective statistics and information. From what you stated in this talk, it seems that we are not too far off from “curing death”. If we should be able to do this, do you think it is ethical to do so? In the movie “Patch Adams” Robin William’s character states that it is better to increase the quality of life, than to prolong it. Do you think that this is the case, or should we continue looking deeper into living “forever”?

    • Personally, I would prefer to live a long time as that would improve the quality of life for me. If someone didn’t want to become biologically immortal then I don’t think anyone would force them. So yes, I think we should continue researching biological immortality.

  4. Great job Alec your video is insightful and interesting. Now with your thoughts on biological immortality the main problem is dealing with cancer. With Hamilton’s ted talk it involves using the cancer cells to actually create the rest of the immortality dream that humanity hopes for. Would it be possible using both of your theories to create a truly immortal being?

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